Saturday, January 31, 2009

"From My Own Apartment"

I have a cough.

It's not severe, it's just irritating. Also, I suspect I'm feeling far sorrier for myself that the actual cough should permit, and that irritates me even more - and then I cough, and begin again. It's a good job I have a comfy sofa and a portable edition of The Tatler, at the moment.

One of the pleasant aspects of spending Friday night in was trying a new recipe. I find that grey January skies and irritating colds both call for liberal applications of ginger, and so these triple ginger cookies are coming with me to a party tomorrow night.

Well, not quite all of them.

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Scriblerus said...

I appreciate the goodness of the home-made cookie, but if you're looking to buy, I seriously, strongly, and assertively recommend the Molasses Clove cookies by Dancing Deer. They are resplendent.